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At Fits and Giggles Blog, we like to laugh.

At the world.

At our friends.

At ourselves.

Did you hear about the UCLA researcher who was just sentenced to four years in a federal prison.  Why?  For reading (not trying to sell or disclose or distribute) celebrity medical files.  That’s right, in addition to the paltry $2,000 fine (which he could easily make up with a decent refinance auto loan or a lucky weekend at the tables), he now gets to spend four years of his life shacked up with prison inmates for reading material that he wasn’t supposed to read.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked in an office environment or two, and as a former Executive Assistant (and in some case, a file clerk), it was actually encouraged that I read “confidential” files in various file cabinets in order to quickly grasp the full scale of the business in question.  Unless said UCLA researcher broke into a file cabinet or crawled through the ceiling crawlspace afterhours clad in a black jumpsuit and floated in via trusty body wires, I think charging him of a federal crime is a bit excessive, don’t you?

Well, that’s not very funny. We’ll try harder next time.

Oh boy.  So much material, so little time…

What Do Bust-A-Vault and Milk the Cash Cow Have in Common?

You might be saying “What….!!!! Are You Talking About?” But the fact is these two titles are names of two classic slot games you can play at US slots online casino websites. Really! Let me just list some of the titles of online classic slots, i-slots, and video slot games. You have to wonder who is coming up with them.  They are crazy, wacky, silly and clever with the puns and play-on-words. Get a few giggles from these title: A Switch in Time, As The Reels Turn, Baby Boomers Cash Cruise, Bowled Over, Cosmic Quest Mission Control, Heavy Weight Gold, Hole in Won, or Diggin’ Deep, Dog Pound, Doo-Wop Daddy-O!, Moonshiner’s Moolah, Pigskin Payout, Pub Crawlers, Reel Party, Travel Bug, Wacky Wedding, and Nuclear Fishin’. If you’re into online gambling and love to play slots you’re probably familiar with some of these – here’s a great site for online slots USA and much more. Some of these slot games have awesome 3’d graphics and incredible sound design. You just gotta love the names.

Watch Out Of C.S.S Warning Signs

Did you hear about the newest affliction affecting millions of Americans.  Road rage?  Not quite.  It’s C.S.S. – Computer Stress Syndrome.  That’s right, according to a new study, our dependence on all things high-tech has a tricky backlash/  When our computer systems work great, it’s all good.  When our system crashes, we tend to panic.  Not helped by the long delays on hold when we call tech support.

I think it’s just a matter of time before someone goes over the deep end when they’re iPad takes longer than three seconds to power up.  It’s always that quiet, unassumingly nerdy Apple kid in the back of the class…

If you start feeling heated when your iPhone’s app lacks the kind of resolution you’d hoped for, make sure to take a few deep breaths and walk it off.  Go out and get some fresh air (preferably, without a power rifle or a small, easily-concealable handgun).

Anybody Have An Extra Quarter?  I’m Tryin’ To Catch That Lobster…

The Japanese go crazy for vending machines.  In Japan, there’s a vending machine everywhere – and I mean that literally.  In fact, there’s one vending machine for every 23 people in Japan.  Sure, most of them sell refreshments (coffee, teas, colas, etc), but many of them also serve slightly more exotic fare.  Thirsty for a beer?  You’ll find a vending machine with your favorite brands.  Forgot to buy eggs at the store?  You can find machines that’ll sell you a dozen.  Just realize it’s your 10 year anniversary today on the way home from work?  No worries – stop by and grab a dozen roses from your florist-in-a-box vending machine.  Hungry?  You can always go to a vending machine and get a hot serving of rice, or ramen noodles, or live lobster.  That’s right, folks, live lobster…


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