Fits and Giggles at the Movies II

– Avatar –
This movie was epic! We begin our journey following Jake Sully through space to an alien world, a hostile world. Flashing back we come to learn, he has lost the use of his legs in his previous military adventures & finds himself constrained to a wheel chair. His legs could be fixed through medical science but he can’t afford it & he was not deemed important enough. Under normal circumstances there is no way he would be headed across the universe but these are not normal circumstances. You see, very recently his twin brother was murdered.

An aside: This movie holds a special place in my heart and mind since it was while I was watching it with my girlfriend that I proposed to her! I couldn’t really afford a real diamond ring at the time and quite frankly it didn’t matter since she was opposed to real-diamond-anything because of a documentary she saw about “blood diamonds.” Knowing that, I did an online search for cheap engagement rings and came across cubic zirconia. For those of you who have a scientific bent, cubic zirconia (CZ) is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. The synthesized cubic zirconia is hard, optically flawless and usually colorless. Because of its low cost, durability, and close visual likeness to diamonds, it has become the stone of choice for jewelery that imitates the look of diamonds, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The fake diamond engagement ring with its glittery gemstones looked as beautiful and captivating as any real diamond engagement ring. And when my girlfriend learned it didn’t have any real diamonds, she hugged me even more. For me Avatar is more than just a movie, it became the defining moment that always transports me back to that important “Yes, I will!”

When he claimed the remains, he was informed of his brothers scientific contributions to the work being done on a planet called Pandora. His brother had been part of a project which used human DNA & alien DNA to create Avatars for scientists to populate then control with their minds. He is informed that he is such a close DNA match to his twin he can use the Avatar meant for him. Given his military background they believe he may be valuable to the mission & will pay him well. He decides to take part & soon finds himself on the adventure of his lifetime.

Once he lands in Pandora he is given a full briefing. He meets Col. Miles Quaritch, the hard hitting S.O.B. in charge of military ops on this world. This is a civilian operation with no official government sanctions but the corporation in charge had hired enough manpower as well as advanced weaponry to take & hold the planet, if need be, while they extract unobtainium. He soon comes to find out that there are an indigenous species on the planet which were a source of constant attack. Luckily they had no advanced weaponry or fighting techniques so they were usually little more than a nuisance. They humans had stayed on the outlying & unpopulated areas until now but the most concentrated caches of unobtainium were located under the most populated areas of the planet so the humans planned to move them & take it.

The Avatar program is not militarized. They are scientist who want nothing more than to study the planet as well as the species that live on it. They do not really have any interest in the unobtainium but they did play some part of the operation, namely intelligence about the species & the most effective, convenient way to get what they came to the planet for. Until now no military trained individual has had the chance to use an Avatar, so he is assigned to the military detail of the science team. Soon he is introduced to his Avatar for the first time, while it is in stasis.