Fits and Giggles at the movies (a)

It turns out there are several notable differences between the film and its comic inspiration. The billboard posters that promoted the film prominently displayed Matthew Vaughn’s wife, the well known model, Claudia Schiffer. I loved those posters, while my girlfriend loved the sterling silver jewelry Claudia wore. In fact, she found the exact earrings and necklace with matching bracelet on a wholesale sterling silver jewelry site. I’m sure Claudia didn’t buy her jewelry there! Well that was a slight diversion. Let me get back on track to listing our favorite comedic films.

One of the first films I’ve ever seen that showcased a penis getting caught in a zipper in all of its glory. A pioneer in the realm of gross-out humor films, There’s Something About Mary is one of the oldest and best in its genre. Starring Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon, the film was directed by the Farrelly Brothers.

Can’t quite believe that one of my favorite comedies stars Ben Stiller again, but well, there you have it. Aside from Stiller, you’ll find Patricia Arquette, Tea Leoni, Mary Tyler Moore, George Segal, Alan Alda, Josh Brolin, and Richard Jenkins rounding out the cast. And as an honorable mention, a truly fantastic Lily Tomlin – one of my favorite scenes involves her trying to calm a panicking shroom-ingesting Richard Jenkins down…

This film, directed by David O’ Russell, follows Stiller’s character, when he decides to try to find his natural parents. The message found in the film’s title: be careful what you wish for

Avatar (cont.)
This is a civilian operation with no official government sanctions but the corporation in charge had hired enough manpower as well as advanced weaponry to take & hold the planet, if need be, while they extract unobtainium. He soon comes to find out that there are an indigenous species on the planet which were a source of constant attack. Luckily they had no advanced weaponry or fighting techniques so they were usually little more than a nuisance. They humans had stayed on the outlying & unpopulated areas until now but the most concentrated caches of unobtainium were located under the most populated areas of the planet so the humans planned to move them & take it.

The Avatar program is not militarized. They are scientist who want nothing more than to study the planet as well as the species that live on it. They do not really have any interest in the unobtainium but they did play some part of the operation, namely intelligence about the species & the most effective, convenient way to get what they came to the planet for. Until now no military trained individual has had the chance to use an Avatar, so he is assigned to the military detail of the science team. Soon he is introduced to his Avatar for the first time, while it is in stasis.