Fits and Giggles in Politics

Here, we’ll cover humor and politics and see how long I can go writing this article without mentioning our former President, G.W.B.

George W. Bush, former President of the United States

Well, that didn’t last too long. But can you blame me? What President have you known that managed to be seen playing golf with more and more frequency during which time thousands of American troops were killed in Iraq. How many Presidents (with the exception of Reagan, which may have been age-related) seemed as befuddled as Bush did, or manage to make malapropism (the unintentional use of a word with another word, usually similar sounding ones)? Not known to be particularly sensitive to homosexuals, the plights of poor citizens in Third World countries (or New Orleans’ Hurricane Katrina victims), or atheists, the one thing that seems true consistent after his two terms (and why, oh why, was he re-elected? That’s one mystery for the ages….) is that if you’re white, straight, financially secure, God-fearing and preferably a US resident, then at least you’d have a chance of being on his buddy list. If not, it would appear, you’re SOL.

Jim Gibbons, Governor of Nevada

At the moment, Jim Gibbons is one of the most vilified Nevadan politicians on the political landscape.


Where to start. Jim Gibbons was elected governor in 2006. Before his election, he was fighting reports of infidelity, and his wife, Dawn, stood by his side during his questioning. It was a tight race, but he ended up winning the seat. In 2008, a state employee blew the whistle on Gibbons, claiming that he was having an affair with a married woman. It was disclosed that over 800 text messages were sent by Gibbons to his alleged mistress IN ONE MONTH ALONE. Gibbons – it seemed – didn’t try to hard to hide this fact, as he sent the sms messages through his government-account Blackberry funded by – you’ve guessed it – our taxes.

By the way, that state employee that blew the whistle was summarily fired. By Gibbons. On May 2, 2008, Gibbons himself filed for divorce, after the allegations of infidelity once again rose to the surface. Dawn, his wife, was moved into the guest house, which has a great view of the main house where Gibbons continued to “entertain” his female guests.

I didn’t even get into the alleged assault that a cocktail waitress claims happened in an underground parking lot. She claims he pushed her against a wall, and threatened to rape her. At first denying even knowing the woman, Gibbons made his position very clear early on. Unfortunately, the camera footage from that night forced Gibbons to concede that he knew her, and was just simply helping her to her car. Later, Gibbons manager claimed that the woman was a “plant” hired by Gibbons’ political adversary, Dina Titus.

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